USDA Announces Locations of Regional Climate Hubs

USDA recently announced the locations for their new Regional Climate Hubs. Each research hub will conduct a risk analysis on crop production and forestry in its region and then recommend strategies and technologies for mitigating the impact of climate change.

They will provide outreach and information to producers on ways to mitigate risks, as well as public education about the risks climate change poses to agriculture. In addition, there are also three Subsidiary Hubs, or Sub Hubs, that will focus on a more parochial set of issues within the Regional Climate Hub.

The Regional Climate Hubs and the Sub Hub locations are:

  • Midwest: National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment, Agricultural Research Service, Ames, Iowa
  • Midwest Sub-Hub: Houghton, Michigan
  • Northeast: Northern Research Station, Forest Service, Durham, New Hampshire
  • Southeast: Southern Research Station, Forest Service, Raleigh North Carolina
  • Southeast Sub-Hub: Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
  • Northern Plains: National Resources Center, Agricultural Research Service, Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Southern Plains: Grazinglands Research Lab, Agricultural Research Service, El Reno, Oklahoma
  • Pacific Northwest: Pacific Northwest Research Station, Forest Service, Corvallis, Oregon
  • Southwest: Rangeland Management Unit/Jornada Experimental Range, Agricultural Research Service, Las Cruces, New Mexico
  • Southwest Sub-hub: in Davis, California

Stay tuned as we learn more about these Regional Climate Hubs and the role they will play in helping farmers, ranchers and foresters mitigate climate change challenges.