The One Thing: An Exploration of Small Town America

What's the one thing about your town you want to share with a national audience? A new program on National Public Radio is interested in hearing real stories from rural people about rural places. It’s called State of the Re: Union.

The show’s producers reached out to the National Rural Assembly. Then they reached out to us, so we could reach out to you! This is an opportunity to talk about what is happening in your community, why young people leave and why they return, what you hope for the future, and how you’re making a difference.

Share your story. Why do you live in rural? Why did you return? Why is your community important? What’s the ONE thing you want a national audience to know about your rural America? Let's dispel the often-repeated narrative that rural America is a place everyone wants to leave.

Let’s fill up those airwaves! Submit your story online at