Tending, Working, Helping to Build Stronger Rural Communities

I grew up on an acreage three miles out of Howells, Nebraska. We had 12 acres where we raised a small herd of Angus show cattle, custom fed 500 head of hogs, and raised hundreds of chickens. Mom’s annual garden and our fruit trees provided a delicious bounty every summer.

The oldest of four kids, I helped as much as I could. Pictures of my sister and I helping feed the chickens when we were as young as 3 and 4 years old still hang on my parent’s wall.

As I grew older, I took on other responsibilities — tending the cattle, working the hogs, and helping Grandpa make hay. My love for agriculture runs deep.

Growing up in a rural area, I began seeing things that didn’t strike me as right, like hardworking families struggling to survive despite their exemplary work ethic. I realized realities like unreliable health insurance, corporate farms absorbing acreage that had been owned and worked as family farms for generations, and shrinking small towns were all threats to a way of life that I love.

I decided then I wanted to go into public service. My goal is to help those hard working Americans I saw struggle. I want those who are the backbone of our country to have a chance to achieve the security, well being, and peace of mind we all strive to attain.

My work at the Center reflects that goal. With your help, we’ll continue our mission to build a promising future for Rural America.

Tyler's family photo by Katie McDonald photography.