New Developments for Transmission Project

An important energy transmission project in Iowa will be the subject of several public meetings. The Sheldon-Webster transmission project is a 215 mile transmission line, with 145 miles located in Iowa (running through Kossuth, Winnebago, and Worth counties). This project will help increase energy capacity and reliability of the grid throughout the Midwest. A notable opportunity that the project provides is to link renewable energy projects to larger markets.

The next step for ITC Midwest -- developer of the Sheldon-Webster project -- will be to apply for a franchise from the Iowa Utilities Board in order to build the line. In Iowa, developers must hold informational meetings for communities and landowners that are in the study corridor for the project to receive approval from state regulators. 

ITC Midwest will be holding such meetings which are great opportunities for community members and landowners to receive information about the project, and provide feedback to the developer and state regulators concerning the line.

Meetings will be held August 1 at the Kensett Community Center at 300 Willow Street in Kensett at 9 a.m., IA; at the Branding Iron at 135 Jackson Street in Thompson at 2 p.m, IA; and August 2 at the Eagle Center at 401 Smith Street in Lakota, IA at 9 a.m.

Representatives of the Iowa Utility Board will be present to inform landowners of their rights in the siting process, and representatives of ITC Midwest will also be present to answer questions about the project from the community and landowners.