New Developments for South Dakota Transmission Project

An important energy transmission project in South Dakota is moving on to the next step in its development, and the public will receive an opportunity to comment on the project. The Big Stone South to Brookings county transmission project is comprised of a 70 mile line that is slated to run from Brookings county to the Big Stone South substation near Big Stone City. 

The line is part of CapX2020, a shared project between 11 utilities and developers to increase energy capacity and reliability of the grid in their service areas. A notable opportunity that the CapX2020 project provides is to link renewable energy projects to larger markets.

The Big Stone South to Brookings transmission project is a mix of a new route and a route that was sited for a previous project. Xcel Energy and Otter Tail Power--the developers of the project--filed for a new certificate for the previous portion in December of 2012. On June 6, they filed for a certificate for the remaining portion of the route, about 40 miles between Gary, SD and Brookings county. 

The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission will hold a public meeting on July 31 at McCrory Gardens Education & Visitor Center in Brookings at 6:30 p.m. There they will gather feedback and address the concerns of landowners relating to the project. This is a great opportunity for community members to not only learn more about the project, but weigh in on the line and voice their opinions.