Winds of Life Project Evolves to “Talent across Nebraska Showcase”

This month we share Haiku poetry from a Lyons resident who remembers windmills from his youth on a Nebraska ranch

Spring is the time when new life is all around us, from the births of farm animals to the sprouting green from the earth and trees to the bouquets of flowers that dot our horizons. Spring in rural America is a time of joy and renewed hope – a time for individual and community revitalization.

The Winds of Life – Windmills Across Nebraska project has evolved into a “talent across Nebraska” project. Amazing ideas are the manifestations of creative citizens in communities from the Sandhills to Eastern Nebraska.

Let me share a few descriptive “pictures” of David Armstrong from Lyons, Nebraska, who grew up on a ranch and can still see and hear the life-producing heartbeat of the windmills from his family’s land. David’s “pictures” are Haiku poems.

“Tall sheet iron windmill
Metronome for the ranch…
Nature sets the speed”

“Ranch meditation
Windmills and butter churns…
Keep count of the breath”

“Sheets parallel lawn
Windmill blades begin to blur…
Keep grip on felt hat”

“Windmill soprano
Barn door keeping bass beat…
Leading symphony”

“Farm full of secrets
Windmill keeps silent watch…
The tales it could tell”

David’s talent is that of one person responding to other exciting developments in the windmill project:
• Nebraska’s first-ever statewide arts and tourism project
• “The Year of the Windmill” as declared by Governor Dave Heineman
• The gift of a poem from Nebraska’s Poet Laureate, Bill Kloefkorn
• The State Fair’s celebration of photographs of Nebraska windmills
• The Historical Society’s collection of windmill stories
• The State Library’s participation through readings and displays
• Communities celebrating the talents of youth to seniors and skills of artists to welders.
Please let us know what you are doing. Together, we will all celebrate together the revitalization of our towns and talent.

Contact: Barbara Chamness, 402.687.2103 x 1009 or

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