Nebraskans Discuss State's Energy Future

When it comes to power, Nebraska is unique from every other state. That’s because our state is the only one in the nation with public power, giving Nebraskans the ability to elect board members that will represent our interests when it comes to powering our homes and businesses. To ensure that we are being properly represented, Nebraskans must be active in learning about energy in the state and what public power districts are planning for the future. 
Nebraskans should be asking questions, and making their voices heard. Public Power affords all ratepayer-owners a say in our energy future.
This month, the Center for Rural Affairs organized a community conversation in Norfolk with Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) Director Virgil Froehlich, and several staff members from NPPD. The meeting provided residents with the chance to share their thoughts on energy in Nebraska, as well as learn more about NPPD and energy issues brought up by other participants.
The event was attended by educators, business leaders, farmers, advocates, elected representatives, and engaged citizens of all ages. 
The community conversation was informative, and allowed local residents to get to know their board member better. Everyone came to the event with an interest in energy and what it means to their community, and had good questions for NPPD staff. One privilege of living in a state where power utilities are publicly owned, is having the ability to speak directly to your elected board representatives. We all have a responsibility to engage in discussions like these.