Nebraska City - Maryville - Sibley Transmission Line

Final Route Index Map

A map of the final route provided by the project developers. A more detailed version can be found here.

Stated Purpose:

This line is part of the SPP Priority Project initiative. Each of these projects is designed to reduce congestion and improved reliability. The line will also better integrate the regions within the SPP, allowing for more efficient power sharing within the network while also enabling the integration of renewable resources.

Line Capacity:

345 kV

Route Description:

At 175 miles, this line will begin at the Sibley Generating Station and end at the Nebraska City Substation, effectively connecting Kansas City Power & Light with the Omaha Public Power District. The line will also connect to a new substation near Maryville. The exact route has yet to be established. OPPD will be responsible for the Nebraska portion, with the bulk of the project being handled by Kansas City Power & Light.

Development Timeline:

The Nebraska City- Maryville- Sibley transmission project has an expected in-service date of June 2017. Construction will likely begin in 2015.

The majority of 2012 will be committed to project evaluation and initial open house sessions. Various routing options will be considered in preparation for a second round of open house sessions, to be held during the winter of 2013. A third round of open house meetings will take place later that year.

The final route has been made available as of summer of 2013, and property negotiations and state-level permitting will follow into 2014.

Regulatory Process:

The line has been approved by the SPP Board of Directors; the state routing and siting process is currently underway.


Kansas City Power & Light

Omaha Public Power District

Community Feedback:

This line has received little attention to date, though it will come as a welcome development to those clamoring for new transmission as a prerequisite to increased wind development. Between 50-70 local construction jobs will be created as a result of this effort, a welcome opportunity for neighboring communities. Utilities have also hired local contractors, such as Burns & McDonnell, during the design phase. The developers applied information from feedback and notes from community interactions in the form of open houses and comments submitted through the internet or by phone to determine the final route.

During a 10 month period, the developers held 20 open house meetings, and estimate that over 2,000 residents attended those events. Some counties have also asked for additional meetings with affected landowners to provide them an opportunity to share their concerns with the developers. Among the concerns is that easements that developers wish to acquire from landowners will not pay fair market value for the property.

Clean Energy Potential:

Like all projects that are a part of the SPP Priority Project initiative, improving access to pending and proposed wind farms is a motivating factor behind plan approval. These lines are intended to expand the regional grid and increase access to renewable resources. Many projects at this stage of development have little in the way of confirmation from generation sources, and this project is no exception. However, interested parties have every reason to anticipate wind generation playing a strong role as this line moves forward.

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