Hitchland-Woodward Transmission Line

A map of the finish project can be found here.

Stated Purpose:

The Hitchland-Woodward transmission line will be developed in order to increase efficiency as well as to support the transfer of wind energy into eastern portions of the Southwest Power Pool (SPP).

Line Capacity:

345 kV

Route Description:

The line will span 120 miles from Xcel Energy's substation in Hansford County, Texas to an OG&E substation near Woodward, Oklahoma. The line will have 200 foot wide right-of-way corridors, and the typical structure height will be up to 170 feet.

Development Timeline:

Construction of the line is expected to be underway in 2013, with a proposed in-service date of June 2014.


Southwestern Public Service Company (subsidiary of Xcel Energy, and Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company)

Community Feedback:

Landowners and communities are encouraged to submit comments and attend open house meetings in order to ensure that their input is taken into account.

Clean Energy Potential:

The transmission lines developed throughout the Panhandle will help bring in more reliable, cleaner sources of energy to the region.

News Archive:

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Your Thoughts:

We all know that clean energy transmission is vitally important to our energy future. It brings economic opportunity to rural areas, enables wind development and improves the reliability of your grid. But to build it properly - to create projects that work best for you and your community - requires your knowledge and participation. That's why we've created this database.

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