Growing Healthy Food Systems

Aug. 2015 - This issue brief anchored a project to create a food policy council for Nebraska. It is intended to get you thinking about the opportunities and challenges to be faced in developing food policy councils. The data is Nebraska-specific, but you can use the structure and ideas to tackle the same quest in your location.

Good food policy and effective coordination between our food system’s stakeholders will produce strong farms, a resilient food economy, and a healthy future for all residents - whether in Nebraska or your location. Together, we can build a better food system. 

You'll find data on hunger/food access, public health, farming, environment, local food distribution, and the local economy. Review recent developments and efforts already underway in metro areas of Lincoln and Omaha and in rural locations. You can view the report below or scroll down further to download a copy.

Feb. 2018 -  Nebraska Food Council, a statewide food policy council supporting local groups across the state is launched. The council will provide leadership training and educational opportunities, along with a forum to inform statewide initiatives with local insights. Click here to check out the mission and vision.

If you're interested in getting involved in your local area, please click here to contact us. Check our website for updates on upcoming events here, including the release of a statewide community food report.

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