You're Invited to Have Twice the Impact!

What was your least favorite school lunch growing up? Mine was salisbury steak. It was a strange textured mystery meat, coated in slick, salty gravy, and served with instant mashed potatoes- a true cafeteria atrocity I hope my kids will never have to eat. Our Farm to School program tries to make sure of that.

Farm to School is a national movement that encourages schools to serve locally grown food from partnering farmers. Our Farm to School effort has helped save over 140,000 children from these meals in 2015 alone.

Impressed by this work, Newman’s Own Foundation came to us with a tasty offer. They’re giving us a full week, ending on #Giving Tuesday to raise $10,000 and they will match every penny. So that $10,000 will turn into $20,000 as soon as we reach our goal. Will you make a gift today and double your impact on school lunches?

The best part about this work is that when you support the Farm to School program, you not only help the children have healthier and tastier lunches, but you also help the local family farmers who supply that food. It’s like a two for one deal, and your donation amount and impact is instantly doubled when you give today.

This is officially the start of our #GivingTuesday* campaign. Help us kick this challenge off with a bang. I formally invite you to join our movement. Will you make a fully tax deductible gift that automatically doubles itself and its impact on our Farm to School work?

Thank you. We truly value your support.


Emilee Pease

P.S. You have a powerful voice! Spread the word! Tell your friends, family, and coworkers about why you support the Center for Rural Affairs and our Farm to School program on social media. Just remember the hashtag #SupportRural and #GivingTuesday!

*#GivingTuesday is a worldwide, online fundraising event. Last year, people from around the world gave over $45.7 million to causes they care about. Learn more about our #GivingTuesday campaign here.

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