Nebraska Farm to School Guide

Nebraska Farm to School Guidebook

How will you bring Farm to School?

The concept of Farm to School is simple: bring the tasty and nutritious food from the people who grow it on the farm to the kids that want to eat in the schools. The details involved in making this a reality can be daunting, however. With that in mind, we've created this guidebook to help you wade through all the complexities.

Getting Started
Evaluating and Sustaining Your Farm to School Program 
Farm to School as a Wellness Policy Tool
Menu Planning
Recommended Kitchen Equipment
Local Meat in Schools
Food Safety
Known Minimal Processing Kitchens in Nebraska
Native and Indigenous Farm to School Resources
Farm to School Activities
Farm to School Curriculum
School Gardens and Greenhouses
Buying & Selling Local Foods
Find Farmers in Nebraska
Farm to School Policy
Farm to School Profiles
Farm to Early Childcare
CFRA Farm to School Webinars

Getting Started

Get Started - a resource from the National Farm to School Network
USDA Farm to School resources guide
A Guide for Farm To School Community Action Planning
Assemble a Team - a resource from Minnesota
Resource Sheet for Food Service
Resource Sheet for Farms & Food Producers

Evaluating and Sustaining Your Farm to School Program

Farm to School Assessment Tool - a self-assessment tool to learn more about where your school and it’s readiness for a farm to school program.
Colorado Farm to School Evaluation Toolkit

Farm to School as a Wellness Policy Tool

Norris Intermediate School in Firth, NE - a rural model for success when the health of the students is made a district wide priority.
Local School Wellness Policy Resources from Nebraska Department of Education
Wellness Policy Tool - Action for Healthy Kids developed 7 steps to success to access wellness policy work.

Menu Planning

Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools
National Food Service Management Institute
New School Cuisine: The Vermont Farm to School Cookbook
Fresh from the Farm: The Massachusetts Farm to School Cookbook
Kidchen Expedition: The Oklahoma Farm to School Cookbook
The Lunch Box - Tools for school food change
Discover Seasonal Cooking
Nebraska Harvest Calendar
Farm to Summer - USDA resource
Hands-On Produce Preparation Workshop Guide to increase local foods in cafeterias from a NIFA, USDA and SARE partnership

Recommended Kitchen Equipment

Recommended equipment list for scratch cooking - a resource from the University of Wisconsin
Recommended equipment list for light processing - a resource from the University of Wisconsin

Local Meat in Schools

Local Meat in Schools Fact Sheet - USDA
Nebraska local meat programs:
    Hemingford Public Schools
    Bridgeport and Bayard Schools
    Titan Beef Boosters, Hebron, NE
Montana Beef to School Coalition

Food Safety

UNL-Extension Food Safety
On Farm Food Safety: GAPs
Safety Checklist for Producers
Food Safety in School Gardens NM Resource
Food Safety in School Gardens, NFSMI/USDA resource
Implementation of GAPs in School and Community Gardens
Food Safety from Farm & Garden to Pre-School: free online training for early childhood educators and food service staff

Center for Rural Affairs Rural Food Business Toolkit

Commercial and shared kitchen spaces

See Rural Food Business Toolkit

Native and Indigenous Farm to School Resources

Native Food System Factsheets
Indigenous Farm to School Curricula
Native Food Systems Resource Center

Farm to School Activities

VT FEED Guide to Tasting Local Foods in Schools
Chef Ann Foundation - Harvest of the Month, Salad Bars, Menus, Posters and Signs
Harvest of the Month Program - Kansas
Georgia Organics Taste Test Guide
Hayride Educational Farm Curriculum
Getting Schooled on Dairy Farming - a resource from the Midwest Dairy Council
Farm to School Month Starter Kit - Center for Rural Affairs

Farm to School Curriculum

USDA Team Nutrition
UNL Extension Nutrition Education Program
Fruit of the Month - Nebraska Department of Education
Veggie of the Month - Nebraska Department of Education
Growing Minds - Farm to School Lesson Plans
Life Lab - Common Core and Next Generation Science in the Garden
National Ag Literacy Curriculum Matrix - online, standards-based curriculum map
Top Ten Children's Books for Healthy Eating - Chef Ann Foundation
Mushroom Harvest of the Month Kit
Aquaponics in the Classroom

School Gardens and Greenhouses

Greenhouse to Cafeteria Program
School Garden Checklist
Start a Garden: 4 easy steps to starting a garden
Getting Started: A Guide for Creating School Gardens as Outdoor Classroom
Fundraising for Schoole Gardens
Extending the Growing Season: a resource on high tunnels for Farm to School
Garden to Cafeteria Toolkit

Buying & Selling Local Foods

USDA Farm to School Procurement Resources & Webinars
How Do I Contact and Sell to Schools?
Farm-to-Cafeteria Connections: Marketing Opportunities for Small Farms
A Step-by-Step Guide for Marketing Products to Institutions
Forward Contract for Local Purchases by Schools - a template from Willamette Farm & Food Coalition
Center for Rural Affairs Rural Food Business Toolkit

Find Farmers in Nebraska

Center for Rural Affairs Nebraska Find a Farmer Tool
Buy Fresh Buy Local
Nebraska Department of Agriculture
Market Maker - Ag & Seafood Market Links
Border town resources
    South Dakota

Farm to School Policy

National Farm to School Network Resources
National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Farm to School Profiles

Aurora Public School 
Bancroft-Rosalie Public School
Fremont Community Learning Centers – Afterschool Programs
Lyons-Decatur Northeast Schools
Overton Public School
Hintz Produce
Lone Tree Foods

Farm to Pre-school/Early Childcare

Farm to Childcare Curriculum - a resource from the Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy
Teaching Kids Nutrition - video instruction from Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition