Searching for social change - Hastings, Neb.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Searching for Social Change is an interactive workshop focused on how we address social problems and how social change occurs.

Presenters will be particularly attentive to two approaches used to address social problems as well as to specify social problems in the community.

Tuesday, Sept. 26, Noon to 1 p.m.
YWCA, 2525 West Second #110 (new address)
Hastings, Nebraska
Bring your own lunch

The workshop is presented by Laura S. Logan, an assistant professor at Hasting College. In the past, Laura worked in social services, primarily in the areas of victim services and violence prevention. Currently, she researches and teaches about inequalities, violence, and victimization, as well as social change and social movements.

There will be a question and answer opportunity.

For more information, contact Laura Logan at

About the workshop series

This series is presented in partnership with Center for Rural Affairs, Hastings Multicultural Association, Hastings College, YWCA, and community members at large. These groups come together every month to intentionally work and develop opportunities around social equity.  Education, advocacy, and community events are part of the monthly agenda.

The meetings are open to everyone in the community who wants to continue learning about diversity in Hastings and ways to continue making the community a welcoming place.

For more info contact the YWCA or visit