Farmland Legacy Letter Workshop - Milford, Iowa

Friday, April 12, 2019

Participants leave with a solid draft of a letter that offers basics about their farmland, their strongest memories and what they want most for their farmland’s future.

Cost: Free

When: Friday, April 12, at 11 a.m.

Where: Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, 1838 Iowa Route 86, Milford

About: The workshop involves much interaction between workshop participants, sharing of example Farm Legacy Letters, and if participants, choose, the sharing of their own letters. The Farm Legacy Letter works for those who have done much transition planning as well as those just starting to think about farm transfer. The Legacy Letter is a document with practical information, with “heart and soul” and with vision.

Registration (by Monday, April 8): Debra Boekholder, Practical Farmers of Iowa, or 515.232.5661

What a Farm Legacy Letter is: 

  • Time and space to reflect and write about one’s farm’s past, present and future;
  • Help contemplating a strong draft and or finished letter; and
  • A document that can help start a conversation with one’s heirs.

What a Farm Legacy Letter is not: 

  • A financial or estate plan, a will or codicil to a will;
  • An opportunity to air grievances; and
  • Something to file away and end the conversation with one’s heirs.

Participants are welcome to come just for the workshop—but are encouraged to attend the "Map of My Kingdom" performance the night before at the nearby Pearson Lakes Art Center in Okoboji.