Community Development Resource Guide

The Community Development Resource Guide is an easy reference document. It contains key references to assist communities. You will be led to grants, foundations, even low-interest loans through the guide.

The guide can be used many ways. We recommend you use it in conjunction with strong strategic planning to help determine exactly what resources your community needs.

Creating a vision for your community is an extremely important step. University of Nebraska research showed a majority of people cited a strong and positive community vision as important in their decision to move to western Nebraska. (Find out more about how to create a community vision.)

Setting priorities that result in a strategic plan will crystallize what is needed in your town and where work needs to be done. A plan will serve as a roadmap for your community, and the guide can help you find the resources to help you reach your destination.

The guide primarily lists resources available in Nebraska, but we can also connect you to similar information for other locations. We are available to assist your community in setting a vision, determining priorities, creating a strategic plan, and assisting you in accomplishing your goals. Contact Stephanie Fritz, or 402.358.3432 for more information.

Download a PDF of the Guide here.

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