Rockport to Greentown Transmission Line

Pioneer Transmission map

A map of the proposed route from the developers.

Stated Purpose:

The Rockport to Greentown project is a transmission line that will run from Duke Energy’s Greentown substation located near Kokomo, IN to American Electric Power’s Rockport substation near Evansville, IN. Part of the line is one of the Midwest ISO Multi-Value Projects, and will help improve reliability and create a new route for electricity generation.

Line Capacity:

765 kV

Route Description:

The Rockport to Greentown line will travel from the Greentown substation near Kokomo to the new Reynolds substation near Lafayette. From the Reynolds substation, the project will run south to a substation near Sullivan, before ending at the Rockport substation near Evansville. The final route is available here.

Development Timeline:

The project received FERC approval in 2009, and Pioneer Transmission applied for utility status in 2011 for Indiana. A portion of the line--Greentown to Reynolds--has an estimated in-service date of 2018, while the in-service date for the remaining portion has yet to be determined.

In the summer of 2014, Pioneer selected its final route for the project and sent letters to those affected by the route.

Regulatory Process:

The project has been submitted to PJM Interconnection and Midwest ISO for consideration. Rockport to Greentown will be built in segments, with the in-service date for each segment to be determined through the planning process provided by PJM and MISO. The Greentown to Reynolds portion has been included as a Multi-Value Project (MVP) through MISO, giving it the expected in-service date of 2018.


Pioneer Transmission, LLC (joint venture of Duke Energy and American Electric Power)

Community Feedback:

Pioneer states that it will acquire property easements and right-of-ways through means that are customarily used by utilities. When siting and acquiring right-of-ways, the developers will consider protected species and areas, along with concerns from local landowners about routing. Some of these considerations include the effect on agriculture, local landmarks and historic sites.

Clean Energy Potential:

The additional capacity provided by this line will aid the development of future renewable projects in the state. Also, the 756 kV capacity of the line helps take some of the electrical transmission load off of smaller capacity lines, as well as reducing the need for additional transmission lines. The added efficiency of the line will also decrease the need for additional generation because there will be fewer load losses along the line.

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Your Thoughts:

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