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Our Clean Energy Transmission Database provides an up-to-date overview of transmission projects being developed throughout the Great Plains and Upper Midwest. This map is intended to help journalists, communities, landowners, local and state policymakers and other stakeholders track clean energy transmission developments in their region.

New and improved electric transmission is essential to the future of wind energy. Think of transmission as a catalyst, facilitator, or enabler - we are unable to develop the next generation of wind projects without a new set of lines designed to carry wind energy from where it's most abundant to where it's needed most. Similar to a railroad or interstate system, transmission is the key to bringing our energy commodities to market. A map from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) shows wind energy potential along with existing transmission infrastructure prior to recent construction of new projects.

To learn more about the economic impact an improved approach to transmission can have on our rural communities, read our most recent report.

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For convenience, we've made several of our database entries for the following projects into fact sheets:

Big Stone South to Brookings Fact Sheet

Big Stone South to Ellendale Fact Sheet

La Crosse to Madison Fact Sheet

Rock Island Clean Line Fact Sheet

Minnesota-Iowa Project Fact Sheet

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Because most transmission projects highlighted are still in the planning and development stages, the above map is only a rough approximation of where new lines will be constructed. This page will be updated with new lines, new routes, and new information whenever available. Be sure to check back with some frequency.

Seeking Regulatory Approval

Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Line: The 125 mile, 345 kV Cardinal-Hickory Creek line would connect northeastern Iowa and western Wisconsin, helping to improve reliability in the local area and the region. The line will work in combination with other Multi-Value Projects in the region, with the added transmission capacity aiding new renewable energy projects in connecting to the electric grid.

Grain Belt Express Transmission Line: The proposed line will be developed by Clean Line Energy to deliver 3,500 megawatts of renewable energy from western Kansas to southeastern Missouri, as well as farther east to areas that have a high demand for reliable, clean energy.*

Nebraska R-Project Transmission Line: This transmission line project will improve system reliability and limit congestion in the SPP’s nine-state region. The new line will create opportunities for economic development in rural areas, and the developer’s stated purpose is to “maintain reliable supplies of electricity across its nine-state region.”

Plains and Eastern Transmission Line: Clean Line Energy plans to develop an 800-mile transmission line to deliver 7,000 megawatts of renewable energy from the Great Plains of Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles and southwestern Kansas to the southeastern United States.*

Rock Island Clean Line Transmission Line: The proposed line, developed by Clean Line Energy, will transport up to 3,500 megawatts of renewable energy from Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota, extending 500 miles across Iowa and western Illinois.

Under Construction

Illinois Rivers Transmission Line: Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois wants to build a 330-mile, 345,000-volt transmission line across central Illinois. The project would stretch from West Adair, Missouri to Sugar Creek, Indiana.

Completed and In-Service

Adair-Ottumwa Transmission Line: This 71-mile transmission project is “a key reinforcement” for an area experiencing congestion between Iowa and Missouri, according to MidAmerican Energy, which will again split this project with ITC Midwest.  In addition to relieving congestion, the project would enable new wind development along the corridor as well.

Bemidji to Grand Rapids Transmission Line: A group of regional utilities, led by Otter Tail Power, plan to develop a 70 mile, 230 kV transmission line between Bemidji and Grand Rapids, in northern Minnesota. The line is part of the CapX2020 transmission project.

Big Stone South to Brookings Transmission Line: The Big Stone South to Brookings Co. line is a 70-mile line that will run from a new substation build near Big Stone South, S.D. to a substation near Brookings County, S.D. It is one of the MISO-approved multi-value projects in the region and will help alleviate congestion and achieve mandates for renewables in the region.

Big Stone South to Ellendale Transmission Line: The stated purpose from Montana-Dakota Utility and Otter Tail Power is to use the 145 to 170 mile line to increase the capacity and reliability of the electrical grid in the area, as well as connect it to larger Multi-Value Projects across the region. The developers have also stated that the increase in capacity that this line will facilitate will help with the inclusion of additional energy sources, including wind energy.

Brookings County-Hampton Transmission Line: The proposed 345 kV line will extend 240 miles from Brookings County, South Dakota, to Hampton, Minnesota. It is also part of the CapX2020 project, and aims to increase reliability and generation, including renewable generation.

Center to Grand Forks Transmission Line: Minnkota Power Cooperative is developing a 345 kV transmission line that will extend 250 miles from Center to Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Fargo-St Cloud Transmission Line: One of the 345 kV transmission lines proposed by CapX2020. It will extend from Fargo to Alexandria, and then to St. Cloud, addressing reliability and supporting additional generation in eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota.

Hampton-Rochester-La Crosse Transmission Line: The Hampton-Rochester-La Crosse transmission line, part of the CapX2020 project, includes 125 miles of 345kV line as well as an individual 15-18 mile 161kV line.

Hitchland-Woodward Transmission Line: Southwest Public Service (SPS) and Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG&E) are proposing to develop a 345 kV transmission line 120 miles from Hansford County, Texas to Woodward, Oklahoma, to support the transfer of wind energy into eastern portions of the Southwest Power Pool (SPP).

Hugo Valliant Transmission Line: The Hugo to Valliant 345 kV transmission line will be developed by ITC Great Plains to extend 18 miles from the Hugo power plant west of Fort Towson, Oklahoma, to an existing substation west of Valliant. 

Kansas V-Plan Transmission Line: ITC Great Plains has proposed to develop the Kansas V-Plan in order to connect eastern and western Kansas, to improve electric reliability as well as allow energy developers to connect to the grid.

KETA Project: ITC Great Plains developed this 345 kV line that extends from Spearville, Kansas to Axtell, Nebraska. Designed to improve reliability and efficiency while helping to export wind energy from Kansas, this line was placed into service in December of 2012.

La Crosse to Madison (Badger Coulee) Transmission Line: The proposed 345 kV line will be developed by American Transmission Company (ATC) and extend 150 miles from La Crosse to Madison, Wisconsin.

Mark Twain Transmission Project: The Mark Twain transmission project is a line consisting of two segments that will run from Palmyra, MO to the Iowa border. The 100-mile line is one of the MISO multi-value projects (MVP) approved in 2011, which will help reduce congestion and improve reliability for the transmission grid and provide better access to new renewable energy sources.

Michigan Thumb Loop Transmission Line: This 345 kV transmission loop, developed by International Transmission Company (ITC), will run 140 miles through Michigan's Tuscola, Huron, Sanilac, and St. Clair counties.

Minnesota-Iowa Transmission Line: The Minnesota-Iowa line is a combination of two projects that will help alleviate congestion at 19 points on the grid, as well as provide a better connection for sending wind power from Iowa and Minnesota to Illinois and Wisconsin.

Monticello-St. Cloud Transmission Line: At 345 kV, this line is a component of the greater CapX2020 transmission project. Designed to improve reliability in north central Minnesota, this 28-mile line was completed in late 2011.

Nebraska City - Maryville - Sibley Transmission Line: A 345 kV transmission line is proposed to extend from Nebraska City, Nebraska; to Maryville, Missouri; to Sibley, Missouri. The line will be developed in order to improve the region's electric grid, reduce congestion, and facilitate adding renewable generation.

Reynolds to Topeka Transmission Line: The Reynolds to Topeka transmission line is a project in northern Indiana intended to improve the grid and provide added access for renewable energy. The lin is one of 17 MISO projects across the Midwest and will benefit customers by providing low-cost electricity and improving the reliability of service in the area.

Rockport to Greentown Transmission Line: The Rockport to Greentown project is a transmission line that will run from Duke Energy's Greentown substation located near Kokomo, IN to American Electric Power's Rockport substation near Evansville, IN. Part of the line is one of the Midwest ISO Multi-Value Projects and will help improve reliability and create a new route for electricity generation.

Rose Hill - Sooner Transmission Line: This 345 kV line is broken into two connected but separate segments. The first extends from the Rose Hill Substation near Wichita to the Oklahoma border. The second picks up where the first left off, ending 47 miles later at the Sooner Substation near Red Rock. This project was completed in May of 2012.

Spoon River Transmission Line: The Spoon River transmission line is a project that will improve grid reliability, as well as provide connections for renewable energy. It was also one of the MISO multi-value projects (MVP) approved in 2011, that will not only help Illinois but the larger regional grid.

Y Plan Transmission Line: Prairie Wind Transmission, a joint venture between Westar Energy and Electric Transmission America, is developing a 110 mile, double-circuit 345 kV line beginning near Colwich, Kansas, connecting to Medicine Lodge, and then continuing south to the Kansas-Oklahoma border.

*Route of the line has not yet been determined. The map will be updated when information becomes available.

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