Bringing the Farm Back to School

Children across Nebraska are back in school, mourning the loss of summer, and probably unenthused about their school lunches. But there might be something new on the menu, thanks to a Nebraska Farm to School pilot program that more than a dozen Nebraska schools are partaking in, some students will forego the same old cafeteria fare, and enjoy fresh and locally sourced produce.

In recognition of the growing importance and role of Nebraska Farm to School programs, Governor Dave Heineman is expected to declare October, “Nebraska Farm to School month” this week. Nebraska Farm to School programs are a means to improve child nutrition, support local farming and ranching economies, spur job growth and educate children about agriculture and the origins of their food.

We applaud Governor Heineman’s support for making October Farm to School Month. His support and that of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture and others is vital to ensuring the continued success of Farm to School programs across Nebraska.

The Center for Rural Affairs, a long-time advocate for Farm to School programs in Nebraska and across the country, will be hosting the Second Annual Nebraska Farm to School Summit in Aurora, Nebraska on October 22, 2014. The Summit will bring together educators, food service directors, farmers, ranchers, and others interested in Farm to School programs across Nebraska. And the Center has myriad other Farm to School activities planned throughout October, Nebraska’s soon-to-be designated Farm to School Month.

Information on Farm to School and the summit found here: