Staff spotlight: Howard looks forward to helping entrepreneurs in central Nebraska

Small Towns

With decades of experience under his belt, and a strong desire to fight for the little guy, Howard White now holds the entrepreneurs of central Nebraska in his very capable hands.

The Center for Rural Affairs recently brought Howard onto the team as a loan specialist, a position he’s excited to be in, with an organization he holds in high regard.

“The Center has a unique approach to lending for rural areas,” he said. “We do business loans and consultations that a conventional bank has no desire to do. The population of rural America is underserved by conventional banks offering standard financial products, but the Center can help.”

Howard says assisting rural people is vital for small communities to thrive.

“We need to find ways for them to obtain credit and build small businesses for themselves,” he said. “Even if those small businesses are only part of a full living wage, these people can continue to live in and be productive members of a small community.”

He notes a small town needs a good school system, a bank for credit and deposit needs, a restaurant, a grocery store, and a repair shop, along with other small businesses.

“I believe the Center can fund and educate people, which will assist everyone in maintaining a thriving community,” Howard said.

Through his duties as a loan specialist, Howard assists those wanting to start their own businesses by servicing existing loan portfolios and making new loans within his region, as well as providing financial education for people wishing to obtain credit.

His experience in helping rural Americans speaks for itself.

“My career as a lender began in 1986, in Laramie, Wyoming,” said Howard. “Since then, I have worked all over north central Nebraka and western Wyoming for different financial institutions. Over the years, I’ve done lending for consumer, commercial, and agriculture loans, as well as some real estate.”

Howard also brings awareness of the services and products offered by the Center to communities in central Nebraska, and wants to generate enough business so that additional lenders are needed to handle credit and education requests.

“I’m excited to bring my lending knowledge to the Center, because I feel the organization offers a breath of fresh air,” said Howard. “Rural America should not be overlooked, as it produces products we generally need to survive. It should be emphasized as one of the most important areas in the country and receive the attention it deserves. I look forward to doing my part to help make that happen.”

Howard’s home office is based in Paxton, Nebraska, and he can be reached at 308.534.3508 or