Staff spotlight: Halle helps develop business dreams in southeast Nebraska

Small Towns

Recently a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Halle Ramsey is off and running in her new career with the Center for Rural Affairs.

As a business development specialist, Halle coordinates one-on-one consultations and virtual webinars that provide knowledge, support, tools, resources, and accountability to entrepreneurs on a variety of business topics including start-up assistance, financial awareness, marketing and sales, and management.

These responsibilities are exactly what Halle hoped she’d find in her new role.

“I have always envisioned using my skills to strengthen rural innovation and serve small business owners,” she said. “After learning of the Center’s mission, I knew there would be no better place to align with my professional goals.”

With her newly-earned degree in agricultural and environmental sciences communication, Halle is ready to take on her duties at the Center. She held roles throughout college that have helped prepare her, such as being Nebraska FFA vice president, co-leading the Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative for the Engler Entrepreneurship Program to provide personal and professional development to college women entrepreneurs, and completing an internship with Valley County Economic Development in Ord, Nebraska, as well as being a small business owner herself.

“I am most looking forward to working directly with small business owners,” said Halle. “I understand firsthand many of the challenges and rewards of running an enterprise. I also feel extremely grateful to work alongside individuals who share my genuine passion for rural communities.”

Halle hopes to create intentional partnerships and grow the Center’s network to better serve small town business owners in southeast Nebraska.

“My ultimate goal is to assist business owners in starting or growing their businesses sustainably so that in 10 years I can drive through southeastern Nebraskan communities and recognize the names of the businesses I worked with or even attend their grand opening anniversaries,” Halle said.

Her passion for rural America started at a young age, and has remained strong throughout her life.

“I grew up in rural Nebraska, and there is no place I would rather call home,” Halle said. “The challenges faced by rural communities are complex, but in my experience, don’t hold a candle to the resilience and grit found in the hearts of small town Nebraskans. I’m grateful for the opportunity to invest back in communities similar to my hometown because I certainly would not be who I am today without my rural roots.”

When she’s not working, Halle enjoys being outdoors hiking, camping, hunting, or spending time with family and friends. Her other passion is being a calligraphist and growing her stationery business.

Halle can be reached at the Center for Rural Affairs’ office in Lincoln, Nebraska, at or 402.870.2749.