REAP achieves top 10 position in national lending

Small Business

By Marie Powell, former staff member

The Center for Rural Affairs’ small business development program, REAP, ranked #7 in the United States for the number of Small Business Administration Micro loans placed. REAP was #21 for the dollar value of Micro loans closed.

The ranking was done by the SBA’s Office of Economic Opportunity at the close of fiscal year 2015, just completed. Here's what Jeff Reynolds, REAP director, had to say about the accomplishment (heads-up, Jeff is a big sports fan!):

"This is exciting for our micro work. Hats off to a staff that, just like the Kansas City Royals, never quits and has the will and desire to be the best!

“For a rural only program, this is impressive. Thank you to all involved for this incredible achievement. Onward and upward as we help entrepreneurs build small businesses and create vibrant small towns and rural communities."

For those who like to keep the stats, REAP closed 97 SBA micro loans for a total of $679,575.