Iowans have a unique opportunity to address rural issues with candidates

Small Towns

This week marks one year until the 2020 general election, in which Americans will select their next president.

For Iowans, this comes as no surprise. Candidates have been campaigning in the state for months in hopes of winning support in the Iowa caucuses. For rural Iowans specifically, the attention provides a unique opportunity to engage the candidates about issues that affect rural areas.

Many candidates have expressed desire to support rural communities in their policies. More than half of the leading candidates have released rural plans, which address topics such as climate change, agriculture policy, broadband, infrastructure, and health care.

Even with a rural plan, candidates’ understanding and solutions can always improve. One of the best ways to do so is to hear directly from rural residents themselves.

While rural communities differ across states and regions, Iowans have a unique opportunity to advocate for all rural Americans in the coming months. Some Iowans have taken up this task by attending local events and asking the candidates questions about topics that affect their daily lives, such as agriculture and climate change.

If you are a rural Iowan, please consider staying engaged, telling your story, and making sure that rural areas are a part of the national conversation. The Center for Rural Affairs offers programs which help rural Iowans advocate for policy solutions to issues that matter to them. Please reach out if you would like support or ideas for how to engage candidates in your area.