2019 Iowa Legislative Priorities

Farm and Food

In 2017, we developed an active presence on Iowa state policy, which continues today. Our priority issues include clean energy and water quality. We collaborate with coalition partners, develop relationships with key legislators, and engage Iowa supporters.

Relevant developments concerning priority legislation will be shared via email. To sign up for updates, email info@cfra.org.

Clean energy

Our work to advance clean energy centers on wind, solar, transmission line development, and energy efficiency. Focuses include setting a solar standard for generation; expanding community solar projects; commercial PACE legislation; and expanding solar tax credits.

Iowa’s solar tax credit provides a 50 percent match with federally available credits. In 2018, the temporary, capped credit was extended one year at $5 million during a time of broad budget cuts. This session, we will work to continue or expand this credit along with the solar investment tax credit and support for community solar. 

Water quality

In 2018, we saw passage of a water quality bill six years in the making that will invest more than $280 million over 12 years, mostly through on-farm practices. While this bill is a sign of progress, it fell short in supporting water quality monitoring and targeting spending to priority watersheds.

Water quality remains a significant challenge. Our top priority continues to be passing a three-eighths cent sales tax increase to fund the Natural Resource and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund. If passed, the sales tax would generate $180 million annually for water quality projects and outdoor recreation.

We also recognize incentives for imp-roved soil health and practices, such as grazing cover crops. Going forward, protecting source water and soil health will remain a positive focus in the water quality debate.

What do you think?

Let us know your input on these priorities and tell us about other state issues that are important to you. Are you interested in writing a letter to your legislator or even testifying at the state capitol? Email us at info@cfra.org.