Stand with Veteran and Beginning Farmers to Pass the Farm Bill

“It’s time for Congress to step up to the plate, stop bickering and pass the Farm Bill,” says Garrett Dwyer.

In 2010, Garrett moved back home to the family ranch in the Nebraska Sandhills. A former Marine who served in Iraq, this cowboy knows something about “stepping up”.

He and his parents steward land that’s been in the family since 1894. Since joining the business, Garrett’s been hard at work updating the cow-calf operation with new equipment and facilities.

Garrett knows that included in the Farm Bill are important programs that directly benefit his operation -- touching on everything from conservation to rural development.

But he also knows that without a working Farm Bill, the continued success of new farmers, including many veterans, is at risk. Programs like the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program provides training and mentoring opportunities for beginners. A new Veterans Agricultural Liaison position at the USDA is also part of the new bill.

Garrett’s message to lawmakers is clear: “Democrats and Republicans need to buckle down and come to an agreement to help farmers and ranchers”.

When your legislators return to Washington this fall, they need to hear you loud and clear - We need an equitable and sustainable Farm Bill, and we need it now.

The Center for Rural Affairs, the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, and 50 other organizations have sponsored a petition demanding a good bill that:

  • Invests in the future of healthy farms, food & people
  • Protects our precious air, soil & water
  • Reforms farm subsidies & levels the playing field
  • Invests in rural economic development

Our goal is 50,000 signatures by November 9, and we can’t get there without YOU. Will you add your name to the list? Together, we’ll make sure this Farm Bill gets done right.