Beat the Heat

The recent US heat wave is no joke. People are dying, crops are drying, grain markets are climbing and energy use is skyrocketing. With some of the recent temperatures the hottest on record, its not surprising most Americans believe in climate change.

Farmers are losing their livelihoods, and rural residents--particularly the elderly--are struggling with the high temperatures. To beat the heat, you need to keep a cool head. Turning down the AC can be expensive, but its possible to survive comfortably while avoiding sky-high energy costs.

Sustainability specialists offer some tips for staying cool while conserving energy. Your home is a box, and the more heat you keep out, the more comfortable you’ll be. That means closing drapes during the day to keep the sunlight out, keeping lights off, and avoiding the use of heat-producing appliances. Favoring the clothesline over the dryer is a great way to keep that excess heat out of your home--and save energy too.

The heat may be serious. But finding ways to stay cool while conserving energy can be fun. Once you learn what to look for, energy-savings are everywhere.

And nothing’s cooler than saving money.


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