Health Insurance Rebates - On their way to you?

Death and taxes, the only certainties in life, right? Or so the joke goes. But even death and taxes follow rules- like tax rebates if you overpay your fair share.

And this year, insurance companies have to start following the rebate rule too - they must spend less than 20% of your premium dollars on non-medical costs or rebate you the difference. The Kaiser Family Foundation released a report (PDF) that shows the amount of rebate by state you might get. (Scroll to page 4 of the report for the table.)

A simple sample of the data...

StateNumber of Plans Paying RebatesAvg. Rebate per Enrollee, in plans paying rebates
North Dakota2$39.62
South Dakota2$26.63

If you look, and your state doesn’t have a rebate coming, like Hawaii, or Minnesota, it’s because they didn’t over charge you in the first place. Woohoo! More money in your pocket to begin with.

In uncertain times, full of changes, it’s nice to get change that is makes (dollars and) sense. Brought to you by the Affordable Care Act, protects pocketbooks and prevents problems, and that’s no joke.

By Inga Haugen, former Rural Organizing & Outreach Intern