Keeping Appleton Alive

By Steph Larsen

Cuts in public spending lead to loss of services, especially for rural communities. While there’s little a community can do after it loses its school or post office to make up for that lost infrastructure, an NPR story set in Appleton, England tells of one town’s commitment to keep their “community shop”.

Listen here:

The shop serves as the small town’s grocery store, post office, bank, and gossip center. They’ve made their model work for 10 years, even as the “town cynics” said they wouldn’t last 6 months. Empowered and energized by their success of their store, they’ve begun a 10-year planning process to improve broadband access, retain their medical clinic, and build a playground.

I bet they’ll be successful in those areas too, because they have momentum in their favor - pride in their community, a furious desire to keep their town alive despite setbacks, and residents willing to take the time to make it happen and step into leadership positions.

This could be your town. Will you take the lead and make it happen?