Young Grocer Finds New Opportunties

You may recall a blog post with the ABC News video below. It profiles 17-year-old Nick Graham who brought Truman, Minnesota’s only grocery store when it closed and began his run as a small town grocer. His success and ambition wasn’t limited to Truman, however. Graham purchased two additional stores in the towns of Kiester and Armstrong.

Things have been going well, but shifted a bit for this young entrepreneur. According to an article from the Sentinel, after a buyer made an offer for all three stores that was “just a perfect opportunity”, Graham sold the stores. He now works full time in sales.

Things don’t stop there. Upon reading articles in the newspaper reporting the financial woes of the local daycare, Stepping Stones, Graham approached the business with the offer of his business savvy.

With a keen eye for numbers, Graham helped not only with the bookkeeping but helped increase efficiency in other avenues of the business as well. This included re-writing some of the software managing the daycare’s financing and scheduling. Now, even without fundraising, the daycare is operating in black.

Graham has no plans to leave Truman. He said at the mention of it, “I think I’d miss these guys too much if I just took off.”

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