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The Center's May Newsletter is online.

In this month's newsletter you can read about our kick off to raised $35,000 from individuals in, this, our 35th year (or just skip reading about it and go straight away to this page and give a donation to help make it happen).

We have three articles this month as part of our ever-popular reporting on corporate farming and the ongoing fight to constrain corporate influence on our agriculture. The regular Corporate Farming Notes touch on the looming mega-merger in meat packing (sign our petition to the Justice Department about that here). There is also an article about our recently concluded (and unsuccessful) efforts to pass a legislative replacement for the landmark Nebraska corporate farming ban, Initiative 300. Finally, our 35th Year series continues this month with a reflection on decades long battle over corporate farming laws in Nebraska. Here is an excerpt from that history piece:

Election Day 1982
On Election Day, we lost Omaha by a modest margin but made up the difference in Lincoln and won by 2:1 in rural Nebraska. It was a stunning victory of people over corporate power. In some ways, Election Day 1982 is when the battle over corporate farming began. Hell hath no fury like the rich and powerful when they can’t have what they want. The Omaha National Bank filed a lawsuit almost immediately. It failed.

There were six more suits over the years in state and federal court. And nearly every year there was at least talk of legislative attempts or ballot efforts to repeal the ban.

Read the whole thing here. That and more is in the newsletter.

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