Bill Moyers on the Farm Bill

Moyers Video Last week's Bill Moyers Journal on PBS was a special on food, farming and the farm bill. Moyers covers the issues with his usual moral authority discussing the shortage at food banks across the country coupled with the continuation of unlimited payments to very large farms.

Washington Post reporters Dan Morgan, Gilbert Gaul and Sarah Cohen, authors of the Post's series Harvesting Cash, are on the second segment of the program talking about unlimited payments, direct payments to housing subdivisions and disaster payments to livestock producers who suffered no disaster.

Bread for the World's David Beckmann discusses the farm bill reform efforts of the last year in the third segment, saying "We've won the argument... now it's just raw power" preventing reform.

The whole program is suggested viewing for all House and Senate staff working on the farm bill in these final days, and if they could get their bosses to watch it too, hey, that would be great as well.

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