Senator Reid Speaks

Majority Leader Reid is speaking about the Farm Bill. I am paraphrasing....

I am disappointed.... We basically wasted a whole week bickering about procedure. It appears to me that no great efforts are being made to reach an agreement on amendments. I would encourage those constituencies that want a farm bill to contact their Senators and urge them to work for an agreement that will allow debate to go forward. Otherwise, maybe we won't have a farm bill.

So, it seems that there is still no agreement on what amendments will be allowed to be offered, and whether non-relevant amendments will be considered as part of the debate.

With that, Reid announces that the Senate will move to consideration of the defense appropriations conference report as soon as the two floor managers arrive on the floor.

Update: Senator Reid, frustrated with Senators for stalling the debate on the defense appropriations conference report, broke back into discussion of the farm bill. As before, a paraphrase:

We want to vote on the Dorgan-Grassley Amendment. The Republicans say, 'no we can't do that.' We said ok, we can set that aside and vote on the Lugar-Lautenberg Amendment. The Republicans say, 'no we can't do that.' It appears that the minority doesn't want a farm bill. Maybe they want to wait till the new year. Maybe they want to extend the farm bill.

This is interesting because everything we have heard thus far has been that whenever the farm bill does come up, Dorgan-Grassley will be the first amendment debated. It seems that Senator Reid offered to trade that away though in an effort to break the stalemate. Alas, that was not enough. I'm glad though. I want Dorgan-Grassley to be the first amendment.

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