Farm & Rural Digest

Our weekly contribution over at Ethicruean.

Farm Bill TV: Oxfam and coalition partners have released a "Farm Bill Reform" television ad in which the hero of the 30-second piece is the American family farmer. The villain? A millionaire subsidy recipient. (YouTube)

Who you going to call?: "Mommy, are we there yet?" might as well be the mantra of the Farm Bill advocate - left, right, or center. As pressure intensifies on the Senate to write a bill, some speculate that the lack of an overarching force is allowing the bill to wither. (Wall Street Journal)

NAIS try: The hotly contested National Animal ID System (NAIS) is four years old, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at it. Now a proposed 2008 USDA budget simply zeros-out funding for it. (Des Moines Register)

Local works: Recent research indicates that local banks are more well suited than national charitable foundations when it comes to making local rural development work. (Daily Yonder)

The cows on the carousel go round and round: What happens when organic dairies get big? They have to use milking carousels to move the cows through the milking line faster. Smells like corporate agriculture to us. (Seattle Times)

Meatpackers get rich, farmers get poorer: A lack of competition in livestock markets left farmers nearly $6 billion dollars short during 2006 alone. Cattle producers, for instance, received an average of $69 less per head than they would have in a free and competitive market. The 2007 Farm Bill seems unlikely to address the problem. (Organization for Competitive Markets)

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