Act Today for a Better Senate Farm Bill

For months you've been listening to us go on and on and on and on and on about the 2007 Farm Bill. We've bored you with policy details, shared our hopes and dreams for a better bill, and asked you to act again and again and again for a better future for rural America.

But guess what? It's still not over (I know, we wish it was too). Very, very soon though, the U.S. Senate promises to take up their version of the bill. Though we've been talking about it forever, we really are reaching a critical point in the process now. As we've written, and written, and written, the House version of the Farm Bill didn't amount to much in the way of reform.

Now the Senate must set us back on the course towards meaningful Farm Bill reform. Fortunately, there's reason to think that they might do just that. Now, the Senate Leadership and your Senators need to hear from you. We've put up three action alerts to help us move towards making reform a reality in the Senate. Choose one, two, or do all three.

Issue: Leadership Support for Farm Bill Reform
Write to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today. Urge him to support the efforts of reform-minded Senators to bring meaningful payment limits, and increased resources for conservation, rural development, and beginning farmer programs to the Farm Bill. Click to write now.

Issue: Your Senators Support for REAL Payment Limits
Whether or not the Senate Farm Bill includes real payment limit reform that finally brings an end to the million-dollar payments to the nation's largest farms could very well come down to an important vote on the Senate floor. Every single Senator will cast a key vote, and every single one will be important. Every. Single. One. Write to your Senators today.

Issue: Support Rural Development in the Farm Bill
The Farm Bill should support all of rural America, and one way it can do this is by putting more resources into rural microenterprice development that will help entrepreneurs start and maintain businesses up and down main streets across rural America. Urge your Senators to support this legislation today!

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