In the Mood to Digest

Dairy Queen over at Ethicurean does such a good job of piquing our interest every week with her tantalizing leads to news, views, and commentary on food and agriculture, that she's inspired us to do some Digesting of our own. To our delight, Dairy Queen likes our Digesting, and has invited us to share her esteemed Digesting space. Here's the meat of the first edition:

Creamed wheat: Colorado wheat farmers are hauling record yields to market so fast that bin space is running out and the golden grain is being piled on the ground where wind, rain, and weather threaten it. Ironically, market demand (and prices) for the grain are high, but the Colorado grain is languishing due to a lack of transportation capacity. (LA Times)

Geriagriculture: Only one profession’s workers are older on average than farmers. (BoomtownUSA)

In-plant insect protection: Dow AgroChemical is preparing to take genetically modified corn to the next level. New varieties will be resistant to a wide range of chemicals, and include "in-plant insect protection." Want some corn with those chemicals? (Hoosier Ag Today)

Where have all the farmers gone? Writer and photographer Gary Anthes travels to Nebraska, where he found emptied-out towns, abandoned farm houses and towering grain elevators standing tribute to years gone by when farming was an economic driver of the Great Plains. (Washington Post)

Growing a different crop: Locally- and farmer-owned wind generation and ethanol production can help revitalize rural communities. But a focus on "more, more, more" could to turn renewable energy into just another big commodity. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Read Dairy Queen's comments on this post and the rest of Ethicurean.

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