A New Voice

Another Center for Rural Affairs staffer has jumped into the blogging world. Kathie Starkweather, another organizer here, and my boss, which means this is just the best blog post ever. Really. 

As I have mentioned previously, the Center for Rural Affairs has received some criticism from a few individuals for our vociferous denunciations of the sham payment limitation reform included in the farm bill that passed the House. The common thread is that we've become a bunch of radicals who don't understand how the political process works. Whatever. I've written before on that topic. Here's Kathie's commentary on the subject:

So, why is it when an organization rattles cages and challenges the status quo for all of the spoon-fed information folks out there, they are criticized and put in the column called "radical"? As far as I can tell, the Center for Rural Affairs is one of the very few organizations that is speaking truth to power and not afraid to do it. The House passed a farm bill that on paper, doesn't look so bad - or at least, can squeak by saying things like "don't destroy the delicate balance of getting a farm bill passed" or my personal favorite "we didn't go nearly far enough with this bill, but there's still the Senate." All that jargon translates into the following: "we know we didn't address payment limits and hope you aren't smart enough or curious enough to figure out we've in fact made bigger loopholes easier to get through than even the present farm bill!"

Five years from now when it's time to sit down and play these stupid political games of hiding the truth in order to get deal A or B made in the back room, I hope there are still at least three family farms left...and yet nothing would be worse than for the Center to be able to say, five years from now..."we told you...."


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