While We Wait

The House Leadership is seemingly in no hurry to get this Farm Bill debate underway. They continue to debate an appropriations bill for the Departments of Commerce and Justice, and Science, and related agencies for FY 2008.

So, if you want a preview of the upcoming debate, you can peruse the list of amendments approved by the House Rules committee. There are 31 of them plus a "managers amendment." The "manager's amendment" captures all of the back-room deals reached last night as Speaker Pelosi and Agriculture Committee Chairman Peterson tried to figure out what they needed to do to push this bill through the floor.

All but one amendment will be allowed only 10 minutes of debate each. And, yes, we know the payment limits amendment originally offered by Rep. Ryan (R-WI) does not appear on this list. We certainly have more to say about that. Stay tuned.

Scroll down on this page for the list on the Rules Committee website.

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