Thirty One More Amendments

Update #4: We hear from our friends in Washington (yes we do have a few friends there, not many, but a few) that debate resumes at 9:00am Eastern.

Update #3: Kind amendment is defeated 309 to 117. And Farm Bill debate is done for the night. We'll back in the morning.

Update #2: A reader reports in the comments that they actually rolled a bunch of the amendments into the en bloc. We're trying to listen, write, and talk to each other all at once, so it is possible we missed that.

Update: They just started a 15 minute vote on the Kind amendment. It sounds like that might be the last action for the night. Good. I'm tired.

The manager's amendment passed on a voice vote.

We linked to it earlier, but you can find the rest of the amendments that will be offered on the Rules Committee website. Each is alloted 10 minutes of total debate time. There are a few interesting ones, a few not very interesting ones, a few we hope pass, and a few we hope fail. What we really wish is that the Ryan payment limits amendment was on that list.

I'm not sure how much longer they'll be at this tonight. But given that there might be some interesting votes before the night is out, we'll try to hang on here a while longer.

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