Kind Amendment Debate

Update #3: Kind amendment is defeated 309 to 117.

Update #2: Of course. They postponed the roll call vote on the Kind amendment. I guess other members won't be coming back to the floor anytime soon. It's possible we won't see any votes until tomorrow morning.

Update: And don't miss Dan's post below. It's much more important than this reporting on the pandering currently occurring on the House floor.

The Ron Kind amendment is being debated on the floor now. The Chairman spoke against it. The Ranking Member on the Agriculture committee spoke against it. Rep. Herseth (D-SD) spoke against it. No surprises there.

Much of the rhetoric in support of the bill is really rhetoric in support of capping payments to mega-farms. Maybe they should have a vote on that...

Lucas (R-OK) objects that the Kind amendment will increase the cost of food in the grocery store, and that we must remember that a key part of farm policy is keeping the price of food low.

Several reps speaking in favor of the Kind amendment are particularly supportive of the fact that it phases out Direct Payments - the payments made every year regardless of commodity prices.

There are still not very many Reps in the chamber. They'll be back for vote on this bill very soon. After all, they are only getting 40 minutes to debate this bill (20 mins for, 20 mins against). That might not sound like a very much time, but it is an eternity compared to the 10 minutes alloted for debate on all forthcoming amendments.

We'll be back with an update to this post when they vote. Expect the amendment to fail. By how much will be interesting thing to watch.

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