Here We Go.... Live Blogging the House Farm Bill Floor Debate

Those in the know have told us the House of Representatives will tackle the 2007 Farm Bill today, despite yesterday's political theatrics that clearly threaten its passage. Thanks to the magic of the internet, we'll be watching and liveblogging the debate. The House is scheduled to go in session at 10:00am Eastern, but it is not clear exactly what time they will take up the Farm Bill. Things could get interesting.

Now more than ever, please take the time to let your elected representatives know how you feel about the 2007 Farm Bill. Visit our website here or go to the official US House of Representatives website that lists all of the Reps' websites, click on your Representative's website, and call them in Washington. At this late date, a telephone call is MUCH better than an e-mail (which probably won't get read until tomorrow. If you've been meaning to do this but haven't yet gotten around to it, we forgive you. If you've done it before, hey, go ahead and call again.

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