Farmers Union and Farm Bureau

Chairman Peterson is very proud of the fact that both National Farmers Union and National Farm Bureau support his bill. To be honest, it is remarkable that NFU and NFB agree on something. On the bill as a whole, we think the National Farmers Union is acting in direct contravention of its members' intent, but no matter.

NFU and NFB agree on another issue as well. They both support substantial livestock competition reform, and the Center for Rural Affairs supports those reforms too. But somehow those reforms didn't make it into the farm bill. In fact, a very mild reform supported by the competition subcommittee was gutted in full committee- with the support of Chairman Peterson. The primary opposition to those reforms is found in the meatpacking industry- enormous corporations. It is surprising when both NFU and NFB support something. But that isn't enough to ensure that what they support will end up in the farm bill. For that, you have to get big corporations to approve too.

Here is a link to a pdf of a letter signed by the Center for Rural Affairs, Farmers Union and Farm Bureau on livestock competition issues.

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