Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

Update #2: After surviving a motion to adjourn forced by Republicans trying to slow the debate down, the House is now voting on the "rule." It is a 15 minute vote.

Update: Farm Bill Girl is live-blogging the debate too over at DKos.

Rep. Hastings asked for additional debate time. Denied.

Republicans are all up in arms over the funding provisions that the Democrats are proposing -- the multi-national corporations provision. Lots of disagreement about who would be effected. In particular there seems to be a lot of contention about whether this would increase the taxes owed by Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.

Kind takes the floor and starts to sell his forthcoming amendment.

Rep. Manzullo (R-IL16) is very upset about the funding provision.

The first vote will be on approving the "rule" proposed by the Rules Committee that will dictate the remainder of the debate. Expect it to pass on a fairly party line vote.

Rep. Hastings (R-WA04) asked again for additional debate time. Denied again.

Rep. Blumenauer (D-OR03) says the rule puts a lot of people in a tough position. He expresses frustrations that the clean payment limit amendment won't be allowed a vote. Calls it a failure of political will, and puts a plug in for a fair and open debate.

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