Act Now: A Critical Moment for the Farm Bill

We've written about it constantly since it happened. But let me put it plainly: last Wednesday the House Agriculture Committee struck a major blow to family farms by voting to increase subsidies to mega-farms.

When that happened, we asked you to write to Speaker Pelosi and tell her America expects real Farm Bill reform. Thanks to your efforts, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) will be allowed to bring an amendment to the House floor during debate on the Farm Bill this Thursday.

Now, your representative can cast a vote for family farms by voting FOR the Ryan amendment.

We've set up a national action center just for this bill. Time is very short, so visit the page right now. Acting is simple.

Urge your representative to vote FOR the Ryan amendment that will reverse the payment limitation increase, close the loopholes, and limit farm subsidies to mega-farms.

The House is scheduled to vote on the bill on Thursday, so please call or write online by Wednesday, July 25.

Then help us spread the message by forwarding a link to the action page to others who care about the future of family farms and rural communities.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for taking action.

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