Slow This Train Down!

Yesterday, during the third and final day of House Agriculture Committee debate on the 2007 Farm Bill, Committee Chairman Collin Peterson announced that the bill may come before the full House earlier than anticipated - as soon as next week.

It's no wonder Chairman Peterson wants to move the bill to the House floor as quickly as possible. He's gotten nearly everything he wanted in the bill, and is eager to push it through the floor as quickly as possible.

We won't be hoodwinked though. The bill offers phony-reform on the central issue of farm policy in this country, and we know it. The Committee bill actually increases the subsidies mega-farms receive. Thus, under this legislation, the government would spend more to destroy family farming.

Furthermore, the public is being misled by statements that the committee was acting to tighten farm payment limitations. When in fact, the proposal increases direct payments, simply removes all existing limits on loan deficiency payments, and leaves other loopholes open. Read more details here and here.

What can be done? This morning the Center for Rural Affairs called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to withhold further action on the bill. Chairman Peterson and Speaker Pelosi must give the America people time to speak out about this bill.

Join us in urging Speaker Pelosi to reject this fake reform bill. By sometime this weekend, we'll also have specific alerts up for a number of House Ag Committee members. Stay tuned.

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