An Inverted Pyramid of Organic Piffle

In the midst of all the Farm Bill chatter, our pals over at USDA are gamely trying, yet again, to water down the organic label. Lots of media outlets have noticed this (including the NYTimes). But instead of reading those articles and trying to memorize all of the non-organic ingredients USDA would like to allow into your organic sustenance, I recommend reading DairyQueen over at Ethicurean. She doesn't bother with the laundry list, instead focusing in on one particular ingredient:

Annatto, one of the ingredients on the USDA’s list, provides an illuminating example of what’s wrong with the motivations behind approving these exceptions.

Who knew that annatto was such a hot topic? Not me. But now I do, and I am again irate at the powers that be.

The full post is a great example of how going in-depth on a narrow subject often explains more than talking endlessly about the big picture stuff. By the time you're done reading the post, you're certainly better off than the person sniffing at the blogosphere while reading the New York Times. Highly recommended.

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