Crazy Enough to Think We Can

You may have noticed. We're trying to raise $15,000 in individual donations by May 15th. That might be pocket change for some of the larger non-profits that raise money online, but at the Center for Rural Affairs that is real money.

It is also more money then we have ever raised at this time of the year before. The few of us in the office that hatched this idea were met with raised eyebrows from some of the other staff members: "Fifteen-thousand dollars by May 15th?"

I want to see their eyebrows go up even further as the donations come in. Already we've seen a significant spike in our online donations, and you can see in the sidebar on the right where we stand as of our most recent tallies.

Asking you - our individual supporters - for $15,000 is both humbling and exciting. Individuals who stand up for our mission and values make everything that we do possible. Thank you.

We just might be crazy enough to pull this off - but we know we can only do it with your help. I guess that means the real question is whether you are crazy enough to join us in this effort.

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