The new home of the Blog for Rural America

I'm Dan Owens, a Rural Policy Program Organizer at the Center for Rural Affairs.  I'd like take a moment to welcome you to the new home of the Blog for Rural America, within the Center for Rural Affairs website.  We're excited about our many new capabilities, and we look forward to refining our blog as we go along.  Many thanks go to Brian Depew- our "relatively" new guy at the Center who has redone our entire website, including this blog.  

As we feel our way around all of our new web capabilities, please bear with us as we may have some occasional technical issues.  We will continue to post some of the many stories that we run across in our work, and some of the best writing that comes out of the Center for Rural Affairs.  In addition, I plan on posting the occasional more controversial post intended to generate some good discussions- at least until somebody tells me to stop.  If you have topics you would like to see brought up on the Blog for Rural America, let us know.  

Post a comment or send an email to Dan Owens or John Crabtree [dano(at), johnc(at)].  Here in Lyons we certainly spend a great deal of time talking to each other.  Really, we'd rather be talking to you.

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