Brian Depew

Brian Depew

Brian Depew is the Executive Director at the Center for Rural Affairs, a nationally recognized advocacy and development organization headquartered in Lyons, Nebraska. 

In addition to leading the Center for Rural Affairs, Brian serves on the Board of Directors for the National Young Farmers CoalitionREAMP Climate Network and the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition.

Brian has appeared widely in the media on rural issues including the Des Moines Register, the Omaha World Herald, the Washington Post Online, Bloomberg News, the New York Times and in many local and regional news outlets.

Brian holds a master's degree in philosophy from Colorado State University and completed additional graduate work at Michigan State University in sociology. He is a native of rural Iowa where his family still farms.

When not at the office, Brian can be found splitting wood, building fence, and caring for a large garden and a small flock of sheep where he lives outside of Lyons, Nebraska.

Contact Brian at or 402.687.2103 x1015 or follow him on twitter at @briandepew.

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