Rural Investment Corporation

Jay Hall
Locale: Red Cloud, Nebraska.
Jay is a retired farmer and educator who’s passionate about social and economic equality for everyone, especially rural Americans. He helped develop, and is now president of the Center’s Rural Investment Corporation. Jay has served on the Rural Investment Corporation Board since 2014, and the Center's Board of Directors since 2018.
Chuck Karpf
Vice President
Locale: Omaha, Nebraska.
Chuck is semi-retired, and has been involved in rural development and entrepreneurship for most of his career. He now acts as a consultant, and has helped the Center set up a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) designation for Rural Investment Corporation (RIC), which helped open up additional financing opportunities for the Center’s work. He joined the Center board in 2007.
Connie Harvey
Locale: Hastings, Nebraska.
Connie, owner of Efficiency Counts, is passionate about helping small businesses stay on top of bookkeeping and data tracking. She helped us to develop the Center's Bookkeeping Basics for Business Success training resource and was the Center's Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011. She joined the Center board in 2012.
Susan Baumert
Locale: Omaha, Nebraska.
Leverne Barrett
Locale: Ceresco, Nebraska.
Vern has worked at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln since 1980. He teaches leadership courses and assists communities and organizations with leadership development. Vern joined the Center board in 2009.
Melissa Florell
Locale: Kearney, Nebraska.
Melissa, a registered nurse, is a passionate health care advocate. She and her family live and work on a farm near Kearney. She has witnessed first hand the shortage of primary care providers in rural areas. She serves the Director of State Affairs for the Nebraska Nurses Association. Melissa was elected to the Center board in 2011.
Clark Nichols
Locale: San Marcos, Texas.
Clark practiced law in the Panhandle, where much of his work involved natural resources, particularly water. His family has farmed at Minatare since 1888. Clark now lives in Texas. He was elected to the Center board in 1979.