Special Editon Letter to the Editor: Waters of the US Rule

Dear Editor,

The state of Missouri is tremendously fortunate to have abundant and diverse water supplies across our entire state. From underground aquifers to flowing steams and rivers and the many beautiful lakes they sustain, Missouri is blessed.

Located at the heart of the nation, Missouri is an attractive destination for many industries, including agriculture, because of our natural resources and accessibility.

All any modern farmer of today needs to feed himself and 155 other people is adequate climate, fertile soil, clean air, and pure water. But if we are not watchful, blessings of economic activity can become a curse to our farms and environment when incentives for economic return result in degradation to the environment and vital water supplies.

Contrary to the politically motivated demonization of new Waters of the US rules proposed by the US Environmental Protective Agency, I believe this is the only way we in Missouri will be able to counter potential threats to our clean water supplies. Without rules we are placed at risk by people and corporate entities who feel no loyalty to our state, our people, or generations of family farmers like myself who not only respect but rely on access to clean water.

National Farmers Union working with EPA has addressed concerns over WOTUS rules that potentially negatively affect family farms. Provided EPA takes our concerns into account as they have said they will, I believe that EPA regulation and enforcement is the only way Missourians can be assured that unfettered access to clean water will always be available to future generations of Missourians.

Richard Oswald, President
Missouri Farmers Union
15593 245th St
Langdon, MO 64446