Express Loans

COVID-19 Payment Relief: For qualifying borrowers, Small Business Administration (SBA) may make up to six payments on your behalf for approved loans. This is part of the Small Business Debt Relief Program included in the CARES Act to help businesses recover from COVID-19.

Express Loans are designed for new and returning borrowers with credit needs of $10,000 or less. Express Loans are underwritten on credit score and two personal bank statements allowing for fast decisions. Click here to download a fact sheet on Express Loans. Para la versión en español, por favor oprima aquí.​

Express Loan Terms 

Amount: Up to $10,000, Based on credit score   

Term: Up to 36 months

Rate: 5.25% - 10.75% 

Payment relief: Qualifying loans may receive up to 6 months of payments made by SBA 

Timeline: Prequalify in 24 hours, Decision within 3 business days after applications and documents are complete

Start an application at:

Express Loan Required Document List

  1. Completed application: complete online here 
  2. Government-issued ID for each borrower to be used in proving their legal name and home address. If home address listed is different from current home address, a recent utility bill may be used to validate address.
  3. Proof of business legal name and address: a utility bill, signed lease agreement, government-issued incorporation/organization document, or other document providing proof of business legal name and address.
  4. Two personal bank statements: most recent months available from borrower’s primary checking account.
  5. Funding Source Eligibility Statement: (provide at prequalification stage)


Does your business need more than $10,000? We also offer small business loans up to $150,000.

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